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Upland, CA 91786


California BSIS requires a 2 hour refresher course for each requal, we include it for FREE with your requalifications.

We have professional textbooks for our students that have complete information on your training needs and for reference after you are done with your training. We are the only training facility that have professionally bound books for Security Guard Training.

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Security Guard Card Training

We are located between 9th Street and Huntington Drive

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Only at the Security Training Center® will you receive hard bound books that you will keep for the security guard card, Baton and Firearms training, other training centers give you a link to print out state manuals only. Our books contain all information pertaining to your training as a professional security officer and are written, edited by BSIS certified instructors that either have Master Degrees in Education or extensive knowledge, skills and experience in the security field. We also have 2 NRA Training Counselors that train firearms instructors and conduct NRA certified firearms courses.

Security Training Center® exceeds the minimum training requirement so our students will have the tools and knowledge necessary to be a professional security officer that will advance quickly in the security field.

8 hour "Powers to Arrest"
"Weapons of Mass Destruction" WMD

Livescan with FBI & DOJ Included
State License fee Paid Online

NO other discount may be applied or other specials be combined

Power to Arrest and WMD

40 Hour Package Includes

Module II and Module III

(Module II & III on a CD for Home Study)

"Includes Chemical Agent Module"

(Pepper Spray Certification)


This is a complete 40 Hour Course

(State and Livescan Fees not Included)

NO other discount may be applied or other specials be combined

guard card training
Your textbook that you will keep.

FREE 8 hour Student book with purchase of the 40 hour course or 40 Hour Guard Card with Firearms.


Exclusive printed material provided by Security Training Center®


California Security Guard Card Regulation
for Security Guard Card Training
BSIS - AB2880

You may stand post after an eight hour course and after receiving your guard card.  You will have 30 days to complete your first sixteen hours of training and then six months after getting your Security Guard card to complete the remaining sixteen hours for a total of forty.  You may elect to take all forty hours of Security Guard card training at one time. Prior to renewal of your Security Guard card after January 1, 2005 you must complete an eight hour refresher course four of which will be a mandated course set by the state and a four hours of an elective. 

We are the ONLY Training Facility in Upland that is licensed by the City of Upland and the State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services for security officer training. Security guard companies are not allow to charge or do training UNLESS you are employed by that guard company (get it in writing). If they do not give you work  it was a scam, please file a complaint with the BSIS at www.bsis.ca.gov and save someone else.

Beware of the Training Facilities that will not tell you the facts, visit the BBSIS State websitebefore you make your choice.



You must have received the eight (8) hour  California Guard Card training and passed the examination with a 100%.


You Pay Only $50.00 Instruction Fee (includes instruction, written exam, student handouts, state application, guard card course, and fingerprint forms) the livescan (Fingerprints) and State fee you may pay at a later date, what ever is more convenient for you!




You must submit the security guard card application to the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services either by mail or online at www.BSIS.CA.GOV after you complete the livescan.


Breakdown of fees paid:

Guard Card Application Fee      $50.00
State On-Line Fee (7-10 DAYS TO ISSUE LICENSE!)                                                   $1.00


You must submit fingerprints electronically using Live Scan.

Breakdown of fees paid at Live Scan site:

Department of Justice Fingerprint Fee $32.00
Federal Bureau of Investigation Fingerprint Fee $19.00
Livescan Operator Fees (Depending on livescan operator)                                                $15.00 


8 Hour Guard Card or 40 Hour Guard Card Training

You may ask yourself why is there a difference in the required training and what will the 40 hour guard card training do for me that the 8 hour guard card will not.


You have to look at it as if you were the employer who is looking at you as the employee. They are responsible to make sure you are current on your guard card training requirements and if you are not they can be fined, it's not cheap. They also have to train you for the post that you are assigned and this is a cost factor as well. They are looking at the cost and if you will stay with the company, this is their bottom line (profit factor).


Now if you are applying for a job and there are 2 people applying and you are one of them. You have only 8 hours of guard card  training completed and the other person has all 40 hours of the guard card done. They would take the person with all 40 hours guard card training done because of the cost factor, they know all the training was done and they will not have to track their training. If they take you then they have to make sure you complete your guard card training on time or they have to replace you with another guard. The training for that post starts all over again and this eats at the profit for that post.